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    Sustainable Web Design0

    As the scientists published a warning that the environmental health is getting worse and worse, consumers are getting more aware in the effort of protecting the environment. More businesses today are adopting environmentally friendly strategies into their marketing strategies. Not only in marketing but also in every possible aspects in running their companies. It has great impact, not only to the environment but also to their reputation with the consumers. Consumers have more positive reaction to a company when the company supports sustainable practices.

    This might sound funny but a website can be a place to do energy savings. According to a Greenpeace study, if internet were a country, it would rank sixth for the largest energy usage in the world! Serving web pages are requiring computers to run 24 hours, that amount of power requires enormous size of energy. The best way to cope with this is to choose a green web hosting companies that are purchasing carbon offsets to make up for the energy that they used, or some others use renewable energy sources such as wind and solar to power their servers. Web Design Malaysia highly recommends this to people who want to build website.

    Aside from the hosting, web design also helps. The lighter the pages, the faster the loading speed, the lesser the energy use. Try to audit your site and remove excessive images and videos, try to optimize them so that the loading speed would get faster and use less amount of energy.

    In the effort of creating a healthy environment, small actions matter. From changing the material of your products, adding some plants in your office balcony, reuse and recycling your product waste, to even redesigning your website for lesser energy use. Web Design Malaysia encourages all business owner to focus on going green, in every possible ways.…