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The How To Set Up To Sell Your Ebook

by K. Laskowski

It's done, it's in PDF (or EXE) format and it's ready to be let loose on the buying public.

So, now what... How do you get your e-book into the hands of the waiting masses.

You know you need a web site, but you have no idea what or how to create one -- what that website needs to have/do/be -- whatever...

You need help.

Well, here is the skinny.

In order to sell anything on the web, you do need a website -- but you don't need to go overboard. A two page site devoted just to your ebook is plenty -- it's all you need to start -- maybe all you'll ever need.

So, how do you go about creating one if you know diddly-squat about HTML. You could go out and buy a WYSIWYG web page editor -- but to tell the truth -- that's overkill -- unless you have hundreds to spend, and time to learn how to use it (yes, even if it's WYSIWYG, it's not quite like Word - you will have 'learn' time). And then there's the question of what to put in that web page.

It's not bad to learn, but if you are in a hurry or have limited finds -- here is my recommended way to go.

VendoMatic will tell you what text you need to input, then will take your text input and create a web page sales letter for you -- complete - nothing to learn. Plus, VendoMatic creates the thank you page too. What's a thank you page? It's the page you will have the link to download your ebook on -- the page folks go to after they pay for your ebook.

Uh-oh -- they have to pay -- which means you have to have some way to take credit cards on the website you will be creating. No problem though -- ClickBank will process credit cards for you -- you won't need your own merchant account (which can cost hundreds to set up -- and if this is your first ebook, you may not even have enough 'volume' to guarantee to even get you own account for a reasonable price). A third party processor is the best way to go -- and for ebooks, ClickBank is the clear winner.

For a $49.00 setup fee, ClickBank gives you the ability to take credit card payments -- plus if you want to use it -- ClickBank even gives you a built in affiliate capability at no extra charge.

Sounds complicated? Well, it doesn't have to be. Since so many new ebook authors go this route, VendoMatic has ClickBank built right in. Yup, VendoMatic creates a ClickBank order link on your sales page -- and the thank you page is already structured the way ClickBank recommends. So, once you input your ebook's specific information and click, the pages you need are generated for you by VendoMatic -- and you'll be ready to go.

Well, almost -- you still need to find a webhost for your pages, but just search for 'web host' and believe me you'll find more hosts than you ever dreamed were available.

This can be overwhelming -- for two web pages plus an ebook file you don't need more than a basic hosting account -- no fancy stuff -- so go for a host that's inexpensive (you shouldn't pay more than $5.00 a month). Look at our links page for some suggestions if searching gets you too many options. You can sign up your domain name at the same time as your host sign up -- and one domain name should be included in the hosting price.

But, do yourself a favor -- save time and headaches and confusion and questions -- start with VendoMatic and ClickBank -- you can't go wrong.

About the author:
Kathy Laskowski is the founder of e-Book-Zone, and author of several ebook titles herself. Once you have that ebook web page set up, be sure to list your ebook for free at e-Book-Zone.

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